About Us
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Food & Beverage
- filtration of wine/beer/mineral water and soft drinks
- removal of particles, bacteria and organics
Our markets, our applications:
Oil & Gasindustry
- oil, fuel and gas filtration
- aerosol removal from gas, particle removal from gas, water removal from hydrocarbon, protection of burners and compressors, amine and glycol treatment
- prefiltration for pharmaceutical products
& airfilter,...
- removal of bacteria at showers and water taps
- Buildings air filtration
- landfill leachate (DT/RO)
- ultrafiltration and reverse-osmosis
For: reuse, recycle of water,
include mobile equipment
- raw water-treatment within food & beverage
- desalination of sea water
- modification of municipal water
General Industry
- oil filtration and oil purification within the manufacturing process
Power Generation
Nuclear Applications:
- filtration of Condensate
- Reactor water cleanup
- Fuel pool
- Radwaste
- Stator Cooling
Fossil Applications:
- Condensate Deep Bed Resins
- Powdex Systems
- Deep Bed Prefilters
- High Flow Condensate Filters
Former Galid Filter Technologies